Mindy's Bail Bonds in Waynesville FAQs

Who and what determines a person's bail amount?

The bail amount is set by a judge. This happens at a bail hearing or when a warrant is issued. The judge will consider a variety of things while setting bail. The crime and severity, previous crimes, ties to the community, family and if they have a steady form of income.

Why do I need to hire a bail agent?

Most bail is in the form of either cash or surety.  If you do not have the cash to pay the bond yourself, you will need a bond agent to provide the surety bond. The bond agent will charge a fee to provide the full amount of the bond to the court in the form of a "check".

What information do I need when contacting a bail agent?

Have the following information when contacting a bail agent:  

.  Full name of the incarcerated person.

.  What facility are they in?

.  What is their bond amount?

.  Any other information you can get.

Where do I go to post the bond?

Most of the time you will meet the bail agent at the jail.  In some cases we can come to your home or meet at a convenient location to fill out paperwork. If you live out of the area, paperwork could also be done through email or fax. Mindy's Bail Bonds in Waynesville can help you in this process.

What are the defendant's responsibilities once they've been released?

They will be required to meet all the conditions set by the court and the bail agent.  They also must attend all court proceedings.

What happens if the defendant doesn't show up for their court date?

 If they don't show up to court and the judge issued a forfeiture of the bond, the bond agent is responsible for paying the full amount of the bond.  At this point the defendant will be located and returned to jail. The co-signers would also be held responsible for the full amount of the bail.